The Door Church is planting an Argyle campus to further our mission to see lives restored with the gospel for God’s glory. 





First Argyle Gathering - February 1, 2020

Our first gathering for our Argyle campus will be on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at 5:00p at First Baptist Argyle. This gathering will include Christ-centered worship through music and preaching, and we will minister to kids via TDC Kids (from birth through 5th grade). Come join us as we exalt Jesus and feel free to invite friends and family!


The address for FBC Argyle is:

414 US 377

Argyle, TX 76226


Some of you have asked really good questions about TDC Argyle, and we hope to capture these below:


What does this mean for TDC Lewisville? We are committed to the Lewisville/Coppell area. Nothing has changed with regard to our conviction for these people. We have big dreams for continuing to saturate this area with the gospel such that generations would change as they come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Brad Larson is the only pastor moving to Argyle to initiate this multisite effort.


Where will TDC Argyle meet? TDC Argyle will begin as a network of Discipleship Groups, and will grow into having a formal gathering once the core team and financial resources are in place. 


What will the name be? The church will be called The Door Church.


Will this be a video venue? No. TDC Argyle will feature live preaching. Brad Larson will preach and also TDC’s preaching team will rotate in to preach.


Will we be one church or is this an independent church? We will be one church in two locations. 


How will TDC Argyle be governed? TDC Argyle will be under the governance of the elders of TDC. TDC Argyle will eventually have local eldership and the elders of both bodies will be connected via the Full Council of Elders (FCE), which is simply the council of all TDC elders.


Why multisite vs a church plant? We believe in the concept of multisite — a TDC campus — because we are better together. We believe with a shared mission, DNA, processes, and resources we hope to produce gospel results more quickly and without duplicated effort. Whereas in many church plants you learn as you go, we hope a unified effort will better serve our mission to see lives restored with the gospel for God’s glory.


How long has TDC been considering multisite? TDC has been considering and discussing the concept of multisite for several years now. As we moved to our new building in Lewisville, we wanted to consider what would be the best move for TDC if God continued to bless us with growth. One option would be to sell the building, find more land, and build a bigger building. While that is certainly a fine approach for some churches, we felt (and feel) the better option is to multiply (through multisite and church planting) instead of simply trying to grow as large as possible in one location.


What is the reason to do this now — and not sooner or later? We believe now is the time, as we have the leadership in place, maturity in our operational processes, and the financial resources to proceed. 


Why Argyle, and not some other town? We have decided to multiply to the Argyle area because it seems this is where God was already at work. We have several TDC families already living in that area and they have been praying and asking us to start a new work out that way. Further, the Argyle area is exploding with new growth, and statistically new churches best reach new residents and unchurched people (for more information on this, see this article by Tim Keller). 


What will this cost? Initially, just the cost to support Brad Larson and some small ministry expenses that will be financed through our current missions budget. 



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