The Lion of Judah has conquered and won! He stands in victory, the heavens roaring in worship for the Risen King Jesus. The battle is over - but what does that mean for us?
The Door Students sees 6th-12th graders gather to discover something bigger than themselves. Over this weekend-long event, students will hear Christ-centered messages, engage in music worship, and be challenged to find their purpose in Christ's kingdom.

Hinge Now is a weekend-long event where students step out of the ordinary and become saturated with the gospel and knitted in community. During the Feb 28th-March 1st weekend, students will stay in host homes (background-checked, trusted TDC members) with same-gender students and enjoy sessions at TDC, where they will hear gospel-centered messages and experience life-changing worship music. Students will also enjoy activities, like The Amazing Race, throughout the weekend. 


Here's a sample schedule of the weekend:



Time / Activity / Location

5:30p-6:30p - Students Arrive at  Host Homes

6:30p-7:30p - Dinner at TDC Lobby

7:30p-7:45p - Session: Intro at TDC Sanctuary

7:40p-8:40p - Session: Music, Sermon, Music at TDC Sanctuary

8:40p-9:15p - Session: Group atTDC Sanctuary

9:15p-9:30p - Game Instructions at TDC Sanctuary

9:15p-11:00p - The Amazing Race / TDC & Coppell Racing Points

11:00p - Night ends / Host Homes



Time / Activity / Location

9:30a-10:30a - Breakfast at TDC Lobby

10:30a-11:30a - Session: Music, Sermon, Group at TDC Sanctuary

12:00p-2:00p - MS: Pinstack Plano for lunch, bowling, Arcade

12:00p-1:00p - HS Lunch, Session (Special High School Only Session)

3:00p-5:00p - HS: Gatsplat Lewisville (Low-Impact Paintball)

2:30p-7:00p - Hang outHost Homes

7:00p-8:00p - Dinner at TDC Sanctuary

8:00p-8:20p - Session: Intro at TDC Sanctuary

8:20p-9:10p - Session: Music, Sermon, Music at TDC Sanctuary

9:10p-9:40p - Session: Group at TDC Sanctuary

9:45p - LATE NIGHT(Girls/Guys split) Dodgeball, basketball, Super Smash Bros, Ice Cream Bar




10:00a-11:00a - Donuts at Host Homes

11:30a-12:30p - Attend TDC Gathering



The main focus of Hinge Now weekend is the Sessions. These will be an event - with students game-show type games, skits, funny videos, and will culminate in God’s Word. We’ll gear up to hear God’s Word by singing a couple Christ-centered songs, and then hear a gospel-centered message from one of our two weekend speakers, Chistow Langston and Garrett Chastain. Then we’ll respond in music worship and give students tangible, measurable ways to respond to God’s Word. Essentially, this is the most important thing, and we’ll strive with every resource available to point students to the available saving grace through the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

This year, our sermons will center around The Lion of Judah - Jesus, the risen Warrior King, who rose in victory to the glory of God and the good of the whole world. We can step into Jesus’ victory, and look to what that means for us in a broken world. We’ll tackle the topics of faith & doubt (John 20), what Jesus’ victory means for us (Luke 24, Ephesians 1:20), and our future hope of a new heavens and earth ruled by a conquering king (Revelation 5).



This is one of the most crucial times in each session where we break out across the TDC building to respond to God’s Word by talking about it and wrestling through it. Our Hinge leaders are trained and equipped to lead students to respond to each session in a way that breeds honesty and is focused on Jesus. We’ll spend 30 minutes after each session in groups of 4-6 same-gendered students to answer a few pointed questions about the Scripture covered. Groups will also be together for certain games during the sessions, as well as during The Amazing Race. 

*During registration, there is an option to choose a friend - choosing a designation on that form will ensure that students are with their friends in their group time, for The Amazing Race and other activities, and also in the same Host Home.



For the two nights, home-base for students and leaders will be their designated Host Homes. These homes, offered up by trusted, known, and background-checked TDC members, are going to be stocked with snacks and drinks and ready to handle the students arriving on Friday! Students will be split up by gender and by grade (Middle School & High School), and will be designated a home with their selected friends and the other members of their groups. (Ex. All High School boys will be in the same Host Home).



The Amazing Race: Our 2nd Annual Amazing Race will take place through the TDC building and Coppell with new challenges, new clues, and a new sense of urgency as Groups compete to wear the Ultimate Crown of Victory. Groups will follow trail of puzzles, clues, and challenges - each leading to the next - to be the first to cross the finish line! 


Gatsplat Paintball (High Schoolers): High School guys and girls will be participating in an awesome afternoon of paintball! Gatsplat is a low-impact paintball course in Lewisville, TX. While getting hit by a paintball can sting a bit, Gatsplat takes certain measures to make the experience enjoyable for everyone. There will be the option for any student to bring $5 to rent a full-body camo coverall. 


Pinstack (Middle Schoolers): Middle School guys and girls get the ultimate Pinstack bowling and arcade experience! The first hour will take place on the lanes, with unlimited pizza, mozzarella sticks, and drinks (a true Middle School feast), and will be followed by 90 minutes of unlimited arcade and high-ropes. 


Late Night: This is one of the best parts of Hinge Now, as we stick around after our last session for some fun (and safe!) madness. Last year, we played dodgeball and board games. This year, we’re pushing the boundaries with some fun surprises for the students. This (and all) activities will be chaperoned by our Hinge leaders, and groups will always stay together.

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