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We want to see more lives restored with the gospel for God's glory in the Argyle area, so we're putting down roots. To give TDC a home to gather, we have secured a lease on 9,000 square feet in Argyle (right by 407 BBQ). We are calling this new phase of life "Putting Down Roots". Putting Down Roots is not just about real estate or a space to gather, but rather it is about TDC's commitment to what God is doing in the Argyle area. 


TDC’s mission is to see lives restored with the gospel for God’s glory. We are sold out for this mission. We are serious about this mission. We want people to meet and grow in Christ, and we are zealously committed to being Christ-centered in everything we do. 


Our ministry DNA is comprised of three elements:


  • We are Gospel Centered. We preach Christ and seek to glorify Him in everything we do. Changed hearts lead to changed lives.

  • We are Community Driven. We are committed to maturing in the faith together, bearing one another’s burdens, and holding one another accountable in loving discipleship relationships with the ultimate hope of becoming more like Jesus.

  • We are Other People Focused. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are to model his generous and outwardly-focused disposition toward others — and thus as a church we will seek to be the hands and feet of Christ by serving our neighborhoods, schools, and town. 



We feel called to minister to this community. For the past several years, it seems clear the Lord has led TDC to plant a campus in Argyle. Several key TDC families in Argyle were praying for a campus, and at the same time the elders of TDC were considering and praying through what God has for the church with regard to multiplication. One of the unique convictions of TDC is to convert the converted; that is, to boldly preach Christ to cultural and comfortable Christians. Argyle contains many such people, and we have a passion to minister to them. In addition, the Argyle area is exploding with growth and we want as many people as possible to come to know Jesus. In short, we believe the Lord has called us here and we want to be a part of His work in the Argyle area.



Jesus promised to build his church, the gates of hell won’t stand against it. We have seen the Lord do this, and we believe the best is yet to come. Here is our history over the past decade or so:


2010 - The Village Church sent out The Door Church as a church plant

2011 - First gathering at Metrocrest Community Church in Coppell, TX

2012 - Moved to Sae Sarm Korean Methodist Church in Coppell, TX

2017 - Moved into new facility in Lewisville, making TDC a regional church

2019 - First vision meeting for TDC Argyle

2020 - First gatherings of TDC Argyle

2021 - First gatherings of TDC Argyle in new space



We believe the Lord is doing a mighty work in our region, and we want to be a part of it. We want to put down roots and get our hands dirty loving this town with the gospel of Jesus Christ. What does the future hold? We don't know. But we do know the One who holds the future. By God's grace, TDC will minister to our community for generations.

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