The Weight of Words

Drayton Shanks

Clinging to Christ

Brad Larson

Conflict Resolution

Drayton Shanks preaches over conflict resolution 

True Repentence - Judges 6

Jason Mulllican speaks on the book of Judges, and finding true repentance in God.

Daniel 4:1-18

Jason Mulllican speaks on the book and Daniel

Mother's Day

Pastor Scott Brooks speaks on Mother's Day / Child Dedication Weekend

Neil Bales

Neil Bales speaks on 1 Peter 1:13-24

Culture Mandate:

Operating Under the Rule and Reign of Christ

Pastor Brad Larson speaks into living your life your Christ.

Easter 2019

Scott Brooks preaches our Easter Sunday service 

Grace Upon Grace

Listen in as guest speaker Randy Fuller delivers a sermon discussing the limitless grace of our God.


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