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Host a Trunk

On October 29th from 6:00-8:00p, TDC is hosting our 3rd annual Trunk or Treat! At Trunk or Treat, families from around the DFW metroplex come ready to visit cars with festively decorated trunks to receive candy or play a game. We are asking YOU to help us make this a success by hosting a decorated trunk!


Here's how to get started:


1. Get a group! Whether you sign up with your family, your Discipleship Group, or your friends – find a group of people ready to decorate a trunk, dress up in fun costumes, and hand out candy.

2. Think of a theme! Get your whole group to commit to a theme. Try to keep it FUN & not scary as we will have small children in attendance.

3. Plan ahead! Ask members of your group to be in charge of different areas. For example, costumes, trunk decorations, games etc.

4. Hand out a treat! Treats can include; candy, individually wrapped snack bags, fruit snacks, small toys, glow sticks, play dough – get creative!

5. Dress up! Stick to the theme and ask your whole group to dress up!

Check out these examples of trunks below to help you brainstorm and click the buttons below to sign up!

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