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TDC Ecuador Mission Trip

This summer, 18 people from The Door Church will bring the hope of the gospel to the small community of Chamanga in northwest Ecuador. Chamanga is a fishing village still reeling from a massive earthquake three years ago, and we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to encourage them in Christ.

With our ministry partner, Kids Around the World, our team will be sharing the gospel with children and their families in Chamanga utilizing a biblical storytelling strategy called KidStory. To date, Kids Around the World has trained over 60,000 international church leaders, who are sharing the gospel weekly with over 3.5 million children worldwide! KidStory is not limited by the need to read or write and thus capitalizes on the oral storytelling heritage of around 70% of the world.

Our involvement in this mission trip is an answer to prayer. Steve Nine, an American Ex-Pat who has lived in Ecuador for 18 years, has been praying for a team to come to this community for 2 years now. By resourcing the 3 evangelical church leaders

already serving in Chamanga, Steve and the team’s efforts will have both short and long-term spiritual impact in the area. By giving church leaders the tools and strategies they need to reach children with the gospel, the entire community will be saturated in the hope of salvation in Christ.

Coupled with the KidStory Discipleship Training, the team will also have the opportunity to help assemble a playground in the small mountain town of Nanegalito. This playground will be number 848 worldwide for Kids Around the World, and hopefully the first of numerous playgrounds planted worldwide to aid church leaders in attracting children for the gospel. These playgrounds are not only places for kids to play and have fun, they are gathering spaces for adults in communities. As we pray for God to draw more to himself, we dream of these playgrounds as being spaces where evangelism and encouragement can take place.

Please be in prayer for the team being sent out by The Door Church. Please pray for the families sending out their loved ones, and please consider supporting those who are raising funds to go and serve. And finally, please join us in praising God for the ability to take a trip to a foreign land to share the eternity-changing hope in Jesus Christ.



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