The Door Church partners with missionaries, church planters and churches who are seeking to see the gospel go out to the ends of the earth for God's glory and for the good of mankind.    


Launch Global

Chicago, United States of America


Launch Global exists to awaken young adults to discover God’s will, develop as multiplying disciples, and deploy to strategic opportunities impacting unreached peoples across the globe. The Door Church has partnered with Launch Global's Chicago-based ministry.


That None Should Perish - Iglesia Fuente de Salvación

Chamanga, Ecuador

That None Should Perish is an organization dedicated to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with children and youth around the world and inspiring others to give their lives for that purpose.


Compassion International

South America

Compassion International is the world’s leading authority in holistic child development through sponsorship. They partner with thousands of churches in 25 countries around the world to release children from poverty in Jesus' name.


Dilvan Oliveira

Pastor, church planter, and trainer of church planters

São Luís, Brazil

Dilvan Oliveira has been a pastor for seventeen years. He is currently leading his church, Igreja Presbitirians, to plant a new congregation for the third time, in an area of government housing on the edge of São Luís., Maranhão, Brazil. Their church is also seeking to plant among the Quilombola people—descendants of African men and women who scattered into the Brazilian jungle 400 years ago to escape the cruelty of slavery (and still face discrimination).


Juanma Ortiz

Pastor and church planter

Seville, Spain

Juanma Ortiz was born into a nominally Catholic and dysfunctional family. Once married, he and his wife moved to a neighborhood outside of Sevilla, Spain and met a couple who shared the gospel with them. From there, the two began attending an evangelical church where they were saved and baptized. Juanma now leads Iglesia Bautista Fe in hard neighborhoods around Sevilla, Spain. They are a church committed to preaching the gospel and making disciples of every people, nation and language for the glory of God . 


Tom Davenport

Pastor and church planter

Bournemouth, England

Tom walked away from Jesus when he was 16 and lived as a typical young man; nothing outrageous but far from perfect. He came back to Jesus in his twenties after realizing that nothing else satisfied. Now his life and work is about making the Jesus who changed his life known to others. He works with Lansdowne Church, helping them make Jesus known to people across Bournemouth, England and revitalizing a local church for the community.

Dan James

Pastor and church planter

Leisester, England

Dan James is a pastor at Avenue Community Church in Leicester. Dan currently lives in Eyres Monsell - an estate of about 12,000 people plagued with drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, and depravation in desperate need of gospel witness. Dan and Avenue Community Church are inviting believers to move into this community, teach the gospel to the current residents, and disciple them as they become the church in Eyres Monsell.

Ian Williamson

Pastor, church planter, and trainer of church planters

Middlesborough, England

Ian is the pastor at New Life Church in Middlesborough, England. New Life Church is a local church for local people that supports, plants and revitalizes other local churches. Their hope is to see at least 10 gospel churches planted in some of the most neglected parts of northern England.


Orchard Group - City Church Lagos

Lagos, Nigeria

Orchard Group connects church planters and generous partners to establish churches in cities around the world. City Church Lagos was born out of an aching vision to see the city of Lagos, Nigeria renewed through the Gospel.


Antalya Protestant Church

Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Protestant Church's goals are to worship God, spiritually train His people, share the way of salvation to those who do not believe, and to defend the Christian faith according to the Bible. Pastor Kerem Koç started the Antalya Protestant Church in February of 2010 to be a light to the local community and a presence to the greater Antalya province in Turkey.


Blessings Ndhlovu


Twatasha, Zambia

 Pastor Blessings Ndhlovu from Zambia, Africa has been leading Faith Baptist Twatasha for five years. Faith Baptist Twatasha's vision is to be a united body of Christians, joyful for the work of salvation in Zambia and the world. The church is located in an area that experiences great suffering due to cultural opposition. Faith Baptist believes that in this environment, the truth of God is easily seen and His light shines brightly.


Ronald Cogo

Pastor, church planter, and trainer of church planters

Nakuru, Kenya

Ronald Kogo and his wife Jackline have been involved in church planting since 2008. He has also been involved in the translation of solid Christian literature from English to Swahili for pastors in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Currently he is in the process of planting Covenant Baptist Church, Nakuru in Kenya.


World Outreach


World Outreach is a global community that exists to evangelize and disciple
unreached people groups, and equip them to disciple their own and other people groups. This ministry focuses on raising leaders, church planting, caring for children, and providing humanitarian aid. Jeh Sie and her husband have been serving with World Outreach in countries throughout Asia for over 10 years.


Redeemer Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Redeemer Church of Dubai is made up of believers from all nations, ages, culture, and backgrounds., with a shared mission of making disciples of all nations.


Rehoboth Ministries India


There are many Indian villages that have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. RMI's passion is to reach out to these remote villages and towns with the message of love and hope. Their aim is to send native missionaries to plant churches in the most unreached areas of their country.


Known as The Way

Southeast Asia

Known As The Way was founded in SE Asia with the goal of reaching people with the gospel through social justice, discipleship, and church planting. They are a movement of followers of Christ, seeking to be the family of God throughout SE Asia to display His love and glory through the way they live. Their hope is for people to see Christ and know Him personally.