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Pastor Blessings Ndhlovu

Blessings Ndhlovu has partnered with Acts29 to plant Faith Baptist Church Twatasha (FBCT) in Zambia. We've learned from Blessings that Twatasha is a low income community where violence and prostitution are unfortunately prevalent. FBCT's mission is to glorify God in proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, and their vision is to be a united body of Christians, joyful for the work of Salvation in the world.

Here are the ways The Door Church can pray for

Faith Baptist Church Twatasha:

1. Pray that Blessings would grow in wisdom and humility as He lead God's church in Twatasha

2. Pray that Blessings would die daily to his sin

3. Pray that those who were recently baptized at FBCT grow in their faith in Christ

4. Pray for wisdom for FBCT's new mothers and fathers as they partner with the church in bringing up their children in the fear of God, and that one day they will come to know Christ as their Lord

5. Pray for the resources to purchase or build a home for their FBCT's pastor

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