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Pastor Dilvan Oliveira

Igreja Presbiteriana in Chácara, Brasil

Igreja Presbiteriana is a church committed to evangelism and moreover, to missions.

They are dedicated to training believers to go, preach, baptize, and teach. By God's grace Igreja Presbiteriana is walking united as a church body for the honor and glory of the Lord. 

Watch the video below to see how God is using Pastor Dilvan to lead this church as they live on mission for Christ.

Here are the ways The Door Church can pray for

Igreja Presbiteriana:

1. Pray for Pastor Dilvan's health as he recovers from surgery and continues with his ministry

2. Pray for Igreja Presbiteriana's new and ongoing projects

3. Pray for the Lord to send more missionaries to plant churches in hard places in Brazil and around the world

4. Pray for support for Igreja Presbiteriana's missionaries

5. Pray that those who have remained faithful to Igreja Presbiteriana are able to continue providing spiritual and financial support

6. Pray for the life and safety of new converts in the quilombo

7. Pray for the purchase of a small boat for the work of evangelization among fishermen

"It is with great determination that we seek to plant churches in difficult places for the glory of God, building up the body of Christ, and saving the lost.

We are a church and a family with a mission.

May the Lord empower and strengthen us for the

challenges we will face in the year 2021." 

- Pastor Dilvan Oliveira

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