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Awe of God

Awe - overwhelming feeling of reverence, fear, admiration, etc. produced by that which is grand.

As Christians, we have the great fortune to stand in awe of God. Because of what Jesus has accomplished through his atoning death and victorious resurrection, our sin is slain. Once dead in our sin, we now are alive in Christ. This is amazing! This is awe-some!.

While the Christian life may not be easy, in Christ we are given an unexplainable joy and peace. This joy and peace is amplified as we behold the glory of God (2 Corinthians 3:18). You could say we are most happy when we stand in awe of him.

Let’s think of some possible awe sightings. Where do we see the glory of God in our ordinary days?

We see his beauty in creation.

We see his character revealed in godly people in our lives.

We bask in his fresh mercy with the dawn of each day.

We remember his faithfulness, even when we remain unfaithful.

He is good. Worthy of awe. And worthy of our admiration — and yes, fear. As Hebrews 12:29 says, “Our God is a consuming fire”.

I realize I don’t always see God this way, though. Sometimes I get caught up in my flesh and neglect to see the wonder of the Lord all around me. When I miss being in awe of God, I hunt for false treasure. I favor creation over the Creator. And I do this in two primary ways:

I treasure myself over God. Self-consciousness is an unhealthy obsession with self, an inward gaze. Pride is an unhealthy view of self, a delusional mirror. Whether we lean toward self-consciousness or pride (or a mix of both), we do not see the awe of God rightly.

I treasure the world over God. Comfort, money, affirmation, materialism, comparison, having the best kids, house, car, job, life, etc. The trappings of the world entice and dazzle us. It is a constant battle to look past God’s gifts such that we see him, and not merely his stuff. Jesus instructed us, “Where your treasure is, there your heart wil be also” (Matthew 6:21).

In both cases, we face an identity crisis. We forget who we are. But not only that, we also forget what we actually need. Our false treasure hunts are quests for love, acceptance, and relational wholeness. And where are these found? In Christ.

So how do we reignite our awe for God?

We repent and treasure Jesus for who he is. We find him wherever he may be found: in Scripture, in community with fellow believers, in prayer, through music, or nature. If you have met the risen Christ, you cannot help but be in awe of him. He needs no fanfare or salesmanship; merely consider him and let his glory course through your veins.



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