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Pastor Ronald Kogo

Ronald Kogo is the pastor of Covenant Baptist Church (CBC) in Nakuru, Kenya. CBC is a church of roughly 50 members located in a diverse community with high level of crime, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, and very minimal wages for casual laborers, But despite these heartbreaking obstacles, God is at work in Nakuru.

Here are the ways The Door Church can pray for

Covenant Baptist Church:

1. Gospel centrality - Pray that the members of CBC will not lose focus on the gospel and that they will continue proclaiming Christ to everyone that the Lord brings their way.


2. God’s provision towards the purchase of land - CBC is trusting God to raise resources towards the purchase of land where they can build a meeting place for the church and a school for theological trainings. Their target is to raise $ 100,000. 


3. Ongoing trainings - Pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of the pastors that are currently being trained up at CBS. Pray that they would learn to love Christ more and that they would be godly in leading His people in they various churches that are they serving.

"May God bless you for your continued partnership in the gospel

Your servant in Christ

Pastor B. Ndhlovu"

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