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Pastor Nacho Falcones

Chamanga, Ecuador

Pastor Nacho and Iglesia Fuente de Salvacion are dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children and youth around the world. The people of Chamanga are in need of hope. This small Ecuadorian town suffered a devastating earthquake in 2016 that ravaged their community and left many homeless. Pastor Nacho is committed to preaching Christ to the young people in his community and around the world, and filling their hearts with eternal hope.

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"We came to know the Lord in a time of suffering and desperation. Our daughter was sick, and her doctors had determined she was going to die. I realized I could do nothing to save my daughter, and in that moment of helplessness I realized my need for God. I called our pastor and said, "Pastor, I want to receive God." I believed that God could heal my daughter, so my wife and I prayed to Him. Suddenly, my daughter opened her eyes and spoke! We were amazed and praised God for His kindness and mercy toward our family. Despite the pain we went through, we are so grateful that Jesus came into our lives through our despair. "

- Nacho and Vilma Falcones

"Our family now trusts in the Lord, and we rest in the words of Joshua 24:15: But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord — and it is our mission to share Jesus with everyone we can."


 In 2019 TDC was able to travel to Chamanga, Ecuador on a mission trip to support the good work that God is doing through Iglesia Fuente de Salvación.

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